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Stevie T, 49

This is not a how to but the tools to change your mindset and habits that are preventing you from finding what you really want. The tapping sessions help to get that reset. I am able to see why I made some good and bad choices throughout my journey and focus on what will make me happy now. One lesson sticking with me still is the question am I choosing or waiting to be chosen. We have all played the waiting game, may still be doing it. I can confidently say I did the choosing with my current relationship. Thank you Allison for giving me these tools!

Leslie J, 53

This work gave me a whole new outlook on dating after divorce and I’m having so much fun - I never would have imagined this would happen for me! Thank you Allison Jayne!

Lucy P, 55

Allison Jayne provides practical lessons of how to navigate through the many challenges of dating post divorce/breakup. She uses EFT tapping to help clear the blockages that are holding you back from finding love. This has helped me identify some of the mistakes I've been making and feel more confident and relaxed to start dating again. It has also empowered me to shift my mindset and let go of the limiting beliefs I've been carrying for way too long! "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer

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